Miho Arai

Pianist, Keyboardist, Composer.

"Mono no Aware"
[moh-noh no ah-wah-reh]

The Japanese phrase above is a powerful, driving force for myself and the music that I create. Loosely translated, it means "sensitivity and empathy for that which surrounds us."

I, personally, have had difficulty in the past, and even to this day, with letting things go and accepting the often harsh realities of life. However, after coming across the aforementioned quotation, I came to the realization that there is value to the feelings that I cannot help but hold on to.

Instead of struggling to deny these feelings or attempting to push them away, through my music, I am finding new avenues through which to channel these sentiments, acknowledge them, and bring them to the forefront, on both a personal and creative level.

In some ways, my music, and the process of creating it, is a cathartic experience; a therapeutic and contemplative exploration and expression of things that I have internalized, exposed through the melodies, rhythms, and arrangements of my work.

In other ways, I feel that my music is a recognition of the universality of the human experience. We do not live in isolation. There exist shared experiences and parallel emotional ties that bind us together. Though you and I may feel solitary and alone, we are not.

Hopefully, by listening to my work, you will feel a deeper awareness and recognition of your own emotional depths: joy or sorrow, fortuitousness or regret. Maybe, you will experience a sense of release or even the sensation of escapism and respite.

In any case, my journey as a musician and as a person is ongoing, and as I evolve and develop my sense of "mono no aware", I will share the works that I create with you, wherever the creative process may guid me.