2019年01月19日 10時01分

My New Album! On Sale January 18th!

I'm so happy that I can FINALLY share this news with all of you! I, with all of you and your support, made one of my dreams come true!

For four years, I worked on a project with progressive rock legend Steve Vai, who is one of the musicians that I respect the most. And now, as of January 18th, the album "Piano Reductions Vol.2" has been released and is available to purchase!

It is a collection of piano renditions of some of the songs that Steve Vai cherishes and holds closest to him.

Arranging, performing, and recording the songs for this project was a long journey, but I just want to thank Steve for his guidance throughout the process and giving me this amazing opportunity! I'm so very grateful for everybody who supported me in this endeavor, especially my family and friends.

I hope that the music on the album conveys my deepest gratitude!


4年間、プログレ/ロック界の伝説的なギタリスト、そして私の最も尊敬するミュージシャンの1人であるSteve Vaiと働くことができて、ついに、そのアルバム"Piano Reduction Vol.2"が1月18日に発売され、購入できるようになりました!

このアルバムはSteve Vaiの曲の中から12曲をピアノアレンジして収録してあります。中には、彼の思い入れのある曲もあり、そんな曲をアレンジさせていただけたのは光栄でした。



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