2019年06月15日 10時52分

New Video - Alone ~ひとりぼっち~

Feeling alone is so tough, but I hope that you can use the situation as an opportunity to know yourself better, take care of yourself, and love your true-self, because you deserve it!

"Alone ~ひとりぼっち"

No one understands me.

No one around me,
Cares about how I feel,
Let alone what I think.
As if I am invisible to them.

And I allow them to do so,
Pretending to be okay,
Has become natural to me.

I try to trust them.
I spend time with them.
I open up myself sometimes,
But what is left is always emptiness.

I put on a facade of a smile,
As if nothing happened,
Even when I am hurt.
Locking up my true feelings,
I cry only in my heart.

I fear being alone,
Cut off from the world.
But I am already alone.
Lonely and isolated,
No matter how many surround me.

Looking into the mirror in silence.
Tears trickling down my face.
Unable to remember when I last cried.
My true feelings buried for long,
Coming to the surface.

To smile for myself tomorrow,
Lest I forget who I am again,
I start down my path,
In solitude.

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