2019年12月30日 8時23分

New Video - Requiem -

To You,

Many things happened this year.
There were a lot of beautiful moments that made you smile, but at the same time,
there were moments that you shed tears.

You don’t usually cry, but when I heard your voice shaking and your beginning to pour your heart, I wished I could have suffered what you were suffering instead of you.

Only I can do for you is listening to you.
And I can’t rid you of the pain that you have been holding in your heart.
But I am truly hoping that my music acts as a kind of prayer and can alleviate your pain at least a little bit.

Whenever something ends, it’s also a beginning of something else.
So I hope that you can let go of the suffer and the sadness as much as your current self can and welcome happiness into the space.

Everything is gonna be alright.
I know that countless happiness awaits you.

You are such a strong and kind person, and I am proud of you.
I wish you an amazing and the happiest coming year.

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