2020年04月19日 11時11分

New Video - Chopin Etude Op10 No.4

Hi! It has been a long time since I wrote here.
In the early December last year, I had had a fever of 104 Fahrenheit and severe headache. Went to many hospitals and was diagnosed with Meningitis. I was almost dying literally... Although I was hospitalized immediately after the diagnose, doctors couldn’t figure out the cause of the disease, and they couldn't give me almost any treatment... So, after spending two weeks in the hospital, I have been recovering from it at home, waiting to be healed.

It has been a really tough and frustrating time for me… Especially because when I get tired even a little bit, the fever and headache come back and I have to rest for a couple of days after that. Also, I am always afraid of getting sick again and irritated because I feel my physical limitation constantly.

But I can’t be negative forever. So, I am trying to do things that I can do now so that everyday life can be meaningful, and I can improve myself mentally and musically. Also, I realized that the time like this gives me an opportunity to know myself better. Now I know what are important for me and what are not anymore.

Since I am getting better and finally have a little bit of energy to edit a video that I recorded last year, I uploaded this video. I am often asked what/how I practice, and this Chopin’s Etude is one of my practice routine.

I totally understand the fear of getting sick or isolation caused by Coronavirus. But I really hope that everyone is okay and stays positive. Please take care of yourself and stay healthy! Wish you many blessings!